Want to Buy Souvenirs in Dubai? Here’s what and where to buy

Buying souvenirs to bring back something for everyone at home is a big part of traveling. Most people avoid shopping souvenirs because they don’t want to spend more.


But there are some of the best shopping places where you can find some good and value for money presents for your loved ones.From traditional outfits to camel chocolates, there is no lack of fun and unique souvenirs in Dubai. Here are some of the best shopping places to buy them – 

The Antique Museum 

Located in al Quoz, The Antique Museum may need you to do some search, but it has good opportunities for bargaining like in Al Karama. There is no lack of souvenirs here, including antique daggers “Khanjar” from Yemen, fabulous textiles and intricate lamps. 

Al Karama Market 

Al Karama Market is located in the heart DMC of Dubai holiday packages on a relatively Indian neighborhood around 10 minutes away from Dubai Creek. Getting there is also very easy. Al Karama Market opens from noon till late night. You can find a lot of opportunities to hone your bargaining skills. Be ready to negotiate, be patient, and bring cash. You can surely find some good deals in this market. You can also buy souvenirs at Karama Shopping Complex. 

You can shop some cute and kitschy souvenirs like mini Burj al Arab and Burj Khalifa statue, ornate table and cushion covers, different types of genie lamps, and Russian dolls of sheikh and sheikha. You can also buy other presents like both full-size and miniature Hookah pipes as well as Pashmina shawls. You can also buy tall Arabic coffee cups and pots, Moroccan-style ornaments and lamps for home, ubiquitous camel decorations, wooden doors, and other traditional souvenirs. You can also buy souvenirs from different parts of the world. 

Souk Madinat Jumeirah 

Souk Madinat Jumeirah is a traditional souk in best Dubai tour package. It belongs to Madinat Jumeirah Arabian Resort. It is always flocked by tourists and remains bustling with shops and restaurants. It has been designed as a traditional Arabian market. But nothing was so air conditioned or luxurious as this market in the old days. In Souk Madinat Jumeirah, souvenirs are supposed to be overpriced when compared to the ones in Karama. But you are less likely to be pressured or annoyed by overbearing shopkeepers to buy items as shops are well placed in resort setting. 

The souk has a lot of clubs and restaurants. So, you can easily enjoy at least first half of day here. It has the breathtaking view of Burj Al Arab in the outdoor area. You can avail water taxis ‘abras’ by staying at the resort complex. You can take an abra from your hotel to the market. It is much like a fairytale land of a traditional souk. 

Souk al Bahar 

You can arrive at the Souk al Bahar by walking around a man-made Burj Lake bridge after coming out of The Dubai Mall. It is another modern market modeled as a traditional souk. You can find a lot of restaurants and shops at Souk al Bahar. Restaurants are ideal vantage point here where you can enjoy the water fountain show off the Burj Khalifa. 

You can buy appealing prints and art pieces at Gallery One. You can find the designs which represent the UAE and Dubai. It has the beautiful images of Emirates, geometric designs, and Islamic calligraphy. There are many products available as mini prints. Small art pieces are available from 100 Dirhams (US$30) to 500 Dirhams (US$135). 

The Dubai Mall 

There is a souk area on Dubai Mall’s ground floor, with a lot of souvenir shops. You can also buy the scented ‘oud perfume’ at Arabian Oud, which is signature perfume in the Arabian Gulf. Oud is also an agar wood, with well infused resin. When you burn the oud, it releases a smoky smell and you can hold the clothing over it to make it fragrant. You can also buy it in the form of oil. On the second floor, The Camel Company offers huge range of soft toys for kids. You can also buy camel mugs, magnets, t-shirts and notepaper. They are also located in four other areas in the city and also have an online store. 

Shop Some Edibles 

Camel Milk Chocolate, which is meant to be healthy and mouthwatering, is a home-grown delicacy manufactured by Al Nassma. These products are available exclusively in  Dubai and has been exported to various Asian countries and across Europe. You can buy these camel chocolate bars in five different types – 70% cocoa, whole milk, macadamia, dates, and spiced. You can also buy some quirky camel shaped chocolates here. 

Another sweet edible you can buy here are dates. These are the sweet staples of Middle Eastern culture. It plays a vital role in Ramadan where it is eaten to end the fast and is offered as gifts. They are the rich sources of potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, and magnesium. They are known to have a lot of health benefits. Visit the Bateel shops to buy around 20 varieties of gourmet and fresh dates, such as Sokari, Khidri, Kholas and Madjool. You should also try their hazelnut and almond bars. 

National Iranian Carpets 

A carpet is considered an investment in the Middle East. In fact, unique and well-crafted carpets appreciate their values with time. So, before shopping for carpets, be sure to do some research as you get what you pay for. Buy mid-sized, quality carpet that may cost you up to 6000 to 8000 Dirhums (i.e. US$1600 to US$2100). Persian carpets often have medallions which are named for their origin. 

The Nien blue carpet is the hottest favorite attraction here. You may also venture to the neighboring Emirate of Sharjah. There are several carpet shops at the Sharjah Blue Souk where you can haggle around. You can also find a lot of carpets stacked over one another. Be sure to check the back, ask about weave, and see if carpet is silk, wool or blended. Be polite and don’t settle for initial price. 

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