Two Romantic Date Ideas in a Rented Luxurious Four-Wheeler You Will Surely Enjoy

Do you want to ask out the girl of your dreams? Then, here are 2 romantic dates you can enjoy with a rented luxury car.


Are you trying to impress your girlfriend? Or are you trying to woo the girl of your dreams to become your girlfriend? Then, take her out on a romantic date. Do you think dinner dates in a restaurant are a cliché? Or are you simply bored with the pubs and movie nights? Then, you should go for a unique date night in a luxury car. Don’t be surprised. Just like you spend some time with your beau in a restaurant or in a park, it will be a lavish, exquisite four-wheeler this time. Are you wondering which kinds of four-wheelers you should go for? There are a couple of options that you can choose. But whichever you choose, you should make sure that it is not a regular model like a sedan or SUV. Remember you are going out with the love of your life. It should be incredibly special. Pick exotic cars like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini that will not just make your date night special but also elevate your social status, leaving a lasting impression on your girl.

However, not everybody can own these premiere level cars. However, you can always rent these. There are a number of companies which can offer you stunning luxury fleets like the Lamborghini HuracanSpyder, Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead, or the Mercedes Benz g550 squared for rent in Beverly Hills or in and around Los Angeles. But you must check the experience and reputation of the company before choosing one. If possible, you should also compare the rental charges too before taking the decision. In fact, rental luxury cars are better because you get to take for your beau for a spin in a new car every week.

Are you still not sure about having a date in a luxury car? Well, here are a few ideas that you will love. Take a look.

  • Long Drives & the Sunset Romance

Whenever one thinks of a “date on the wheels”, the most common notion is a long drive. On a lovely summer evening, flee the city in your big exotic rental fleets like a Ferrari or a Ford Raptor and head out to the countryside. The Ford fit F-150 is an advanced off-road car that can be driven in an off-beat place too, if you are looking for some seclusion in a remote area like an adventure trip. It is equipped with a 450-hp twin-turbocharged V-6 and can be operated with a paddle-shift 10-speed which will drive it ahead like a rocket at about 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. So, treacherous, comfortable, and yet untamable, this is the right car you can rent for such a thrilling date.The fresh air, the cool breeze, and the lovely locales passing by as you whoosh away with your lady love is a magical experience that you should go through once in your lifetime. And as the sun slowly starts dipping below the horizon, park your car at a highland or a cliff and bask in the tangerine glow spread across the sky, reminiscing about your life together so far or fantasize about your bright future tomorrow and the memories you are making now.

  • Drive-in Date &Private Quality Time

There is nothing more romantic than a cozy drive-in date. Dates are about spending quality time together. And you will get a lot of privacy when you embark on such a quality time in a rented lavish car. You can opt for something like a Mercedes series. Comfortable, enough leg space, internet, wifi features, and a compact engine design with high-efficiency, and excellent configuration, this car is suitable for both a long drive date as well as a cozy drive-in date. Just pack your favorite food and drinks and dive into the comfortable and soft seats of your luxury fleet. Play a romantic playlist and drive to a secluded spot, far away from this maddening crowd. It is somewhat similar to a picnic in the backseat. Share a meal together and speak to each other softly. Some of the exquisite models also have mood lighting features. You can change the lights in your car and make the mood a little more romantic. Now sit close to your “one and only” and whisper sweet nothings in her ears while enjoying her soft chuckles.

So, don’t delay anymore and quickly find a good rental company which can provide you with one of the latest luxury cars like the Bentley Betayga or the 2018 Ford Raptor for rent in Los Angeles. And enjoy a beautiful date with that special someone on a luxury four-wheeler.

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