Top 10 Reminders Apps That Android Users Can Rely On


Smartphones have quickly become the most influential and significant innovation of the modern times. Their importance can’t be stressed more as we need them everywhere in our daily routine for doing all sorts of stuff and not just calling our peers. They help us stay connected not just with the people we love but also with our social circles and our office colleagues to coordinate on any important stuff any time. Smartphones have really helped us become more productive than ever and there are plenty of such Android apps that can be helpful in that regard.

What people used to do earlier to remind them of any important stuff was to set online alarm and ensure that they do not miss out on anything important. Though still effective, this method gives limited benefits and can be helpful in only a handful of situations. So, a better solution would be to use the best reminders apps out there for Android users and here we have listed top 10 such apps to make it easier for you to pick one for yourself. Let’s take a look.

  • TickTick

It’s not necessarily an app dedicated to reminders only because the app comes with lots of organization features focusing more on calendars and to-do lists. However, reminders often go hand in hand with to-do lists and the duo makes it more functional. With account sync feature, the app makes things easier to organize between mobile and web, allowing you to access your lists from anywhere. It takes voice input as well so that you can add reminders easily and are not necessitated to type out everything. The robust alarm system of the app helps track your reminders on the list and notifies you of your chores when it’s time.

  • Reminders

It’s a basic app that is just perfect for those on the lookout for simplicity and freedom at the same time. The app is made to track information that you might need at momentary notice. The app sports quite a simple layout that allows you to enter your reminders without much of a hassle. All you have to do is to enter the title of the reminder, alert date and time, and then just save the entry. You can set recurring reminders as well and can also change the notifying sound to your liking. Color-labeling the reminders will allow you to spot them easily on the list too.


It is another cool app to go with and is rated very highly by many being one of the best to-do list apps around. does not just stick to the Material design guidelines blindly and offers you a quick-add option towards lower-right side of the screen. The to-do lists that you make with the app are sorted into Today, Tomorrow, Someday, and Upcoming tabs allowing you to easily check out what is coming your way and what still remains in the pipeline. The app also supports voice commands to make it easier for you to add new reminders or to-do list items. Autocomplete feature makes things easier too when it comes to using the app.

  • Todoist

This app is very much similar to and is one of the go-to applications for Android users when it comes to productivity. Though it may not be your first choice when you are looking for reminder-based applications, you would definitely love the way it handles your tasks as well as any upcoming reminders. Once your account has been created and set up, you get a quick intro to Todoist app that helps you get acquainted with some of its basic features. It features a material design and allows you to add tasks, appointments, and reminders easily.

  • Google Assistant 

If you are on the lookout for something very simple and easy to use, Google Assistant and Google itself make a perfect combo as you can use them to set reminders. If you want to set reminders this way, you’ll need to go to the search app and enter “Remind me to” before entering whatever you want to be reminded of. As a result, a reminders prompt will be created and you will be able to input your reminder right through the app. Add the date and time on which you want to be reminded about the task and confirm your reminder as soon as you are finished. The same can also be done with the help of voice search feature on your Android phone that is running Android version 7.0 Nougat or later.

  • Life Reminders

It’s another solid app that can help you with your reminders. The reminders are, basically, divided into three different categories namely General, Active, and History. The reminders that have been completed go to history tab so that your Active reminders tab contains only what is coming up and you stay more focused than ever. The interface for creating new reminders is a bit messy though as the input fields are scattered across the display. The good thing is that the reminders can be set to notify through SMS, basic notifications, emails or even through phone calls.

  • To Do Reminder With Alarm

Another cool reminders app that comes with pretty neat layout, the app allows you to hit “To Do Tasks” in the Menu before being able to enter details like date, time, and repetition frequency of the reminder. You can set hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reminders with this wonderful app. Reminders can also be set for one-time events as well. New tasks can also be created through voice commands as well.

  • Wunderlist

Wunderlist boasts of a non-cluttered and minimalistic interface. However, it doesn’t lack at all when it comes to functionality. There are tons of different options to explore as well. Besides creating to-do lists and setting reminders, the app lets you to share your lists with friends, family and colleagues for better collaboration. Your tasks can also be added with presentations, photos, and PDFs.

  • Google Keep

A popular note-taking app, Google Keep can be your productivity partner as it allows you to set create notes and set reminders. The app takes both voice and text commands for creating to-do lists and reminders. The app also allows you to create tasks by attaching images stored on your Android phone or by capturing new photos. There are different customizations available as well for better organization.

  • Remember The Milk

It is quite a basic reminders app that reminds you of tasks as simple as buying milk at the grocery store. The app can be used for having a quick look at your day or week and allows you to organize your reminders in different tabs like “This Week”, “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “All Tasks”, etc. You can customize how the interface appears on your Android phone and can unlock some exciting features like sub-tasks by going pro. It’s up to you whether you want to use the app for basic functions like grocery shopping or something more important like your office chores.

So, with these 10 best reminders apps listed here, you have quite a few options to choose from and get started. Just go through these top apps and their list of key features so that you can come up with the best one around. Use your chosen app for being more productive than ever.

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