Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in India

List based on Production Quality but not based on Reviews. We just want to display true results!!!

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List based on Production Quality but not based on Reviews. We just want to display true results!!!

1. Nine Hertz:

The Nine Hertz is in among-st those global principal IT companies which set an example of technology innovation with consistent efforts focusing to pertain vision and mission of the company as to give priority not only to make an extensive client base but to maintain a customer-oriented environment to give breath to their ideas.

It serves a complete range of IT solutions fulfilling significant business needs across various Industries from educational institutes,Manufacturing sector,Logistics ,corporate to health and care.

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2. Elite Crest Technologies:

Ideas to revenue generating mobile apps, web apps, IOTs or Artificial Intelligence on platform of your choice

Elite Crest is a leading mobile application development company with global presence and serving clients in United States and other regions. With 50+ apps on IOS and Android platforms totaling close to 60K downloads and ever growing ‘very satisfied’ client base, we take pride in the abilities of our talented team containing a perfect blend of creative designers and proficient developers, in providing customized and high performing end to end solutions that will meet your needs at an optimal budget.

Along with mobile applications, we also have a full stack IoT team with expertise in dealing with international vendors for your IoT hardware and follow that up with firmware and software development, web developers specializing in building custom apps or websites using popular templates like Word Press and also offer enterprise services for developing, integrating, modernizing or reliably maintaining your business applications.

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3. India NIC:

Such a simple question to ask. So many appropriate answers. Answers that everyone gives. The right answers. The expected answers. Such a complex question when you look behind the scenes. Behind the words, the lines and the s p a c e s between them. Behind the image, and the first impression, and the second or the third.

India NIC is not its promises. It’s not its location or its testimonials

We brought together smart, talented thinkers and unleashed their combined creativity on the world. We’ve got artists, strategists, engineers, geeks and some rebellious personalities in our crew, to make India NIC the best place to be at.

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4. Chrome Info Tech:

We lead the globe in technology and digital transformations. We love challenges and prioritize continued investment in quality and client satisfaction. We live the future – today, and understand the emerging world of technology and business expertise. Our expertise helps global enterprises harness the changing opportunities to drive innovation and growth.

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5. Debut Info Tech:

We work wonders. If you can dream or imagine it, then we can design and develop it. We make things
that don’t just work well but work like a charm.

We have a history of making great things happen

In your mind, you know a million ways to improve how things work. Putting them into practice, applying them in the real world and producing results is where the challenge lies. This is where we come in. We’ve been making apps and making history since 2011. Where does all this happen? In our development center in Mohali, a city in India that’s equally well known for birthing one of the oldest civilizations and also as a modern day hub of education and industry. From here, we connect at the speed of thought with our strategic alliance offices in the US. We make things happen. We produce results.

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6. Cabot Technology Solutions, Inc:

You probably have an idea that’s begging for inception. Be a part of how your brainchild becomes a tangible reality.

Dedicated Engineering Teams

We help you build dedicated engineering teams custom made for your needs, be it developing something from scratch or expanding your existing capabilities. The best practices we follow facilitate accountability and quick responses within teams.

  • Cross Functional
  • Customer Centric
  • Data Influenced
  • 100% Dedicated Team

Product Design & Development

Set your idea in motion. Our specialists are proficient and well equipped to translate your objectives to its material form with the power of best technologies available. We are agile both in nature and practice.

  • Idea Generation or Design
  • Product Concept
  • Prototype Development
  • Pilot Production
  • Commercialization

QA & Testing

The art of making sure your application does what it’s supposed to do, and not otherwise. We offer testing services that guarantee peace of mind so that you may focus on new features and functionalities rather than on the fire-fighting involved.

  • Mobile Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing

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 7. Intuz:

Intuz is the copper-bottomed software development company established in 2008. We are the industry leading mobile app development and cloud consulting company for high-end technology solutions. Our team consists of industry consultants with innovative minds, creative designers, and expert developers.

We take on Challenges

We have created apps our competitors have claimed were impossible to create.

Earliest App Development Company

We started developing app as soon as Apple introduced the app store in 2008.

Most Feasible Development Process

Our process is the most practical & efficient an app development project can have. Call it hybrid of Waterfall, Scrum, & Kanban or just magical.

Diversified Portfolio

This reflects how we utilize our vast industry experience and technical knowledge on your project.

Innovative and Creative Minds

Our team is passionate and competent enough to develop the apps that have not yet developed.

Excellent Cloud Computing Prowess

Our AWS certified experts enable greater efficiency and performance of your products.

Future-proof Products

With expertise in the suite of the latest business analytics, industry trends and emerging technology, we custom-built the Industry-ready apps.

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8. Mobikasa:

The first step is to get a complete understanding about your application and business needs. One of our senior software architects will discuss your requirements, preferences, and target audience for the application.

We create a Scope of Work (SOW) document that captures the scope of the project along with the specifications, requirements, constraints, and assumptions. We review with the client to ensure that our solution is on target.

The application is developed and tested based on the specifications outlined in the SOW. The development and testing is done in house. When the process is completed.

We fix all the rough edges. Our software engineers will improve the functionality and the graphic design team will enhance the UI & UX. We will do a multi-point quality check for bugs.

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9. Daffodil:

Daffodil’s leadership team inspires our commitment to delivering outstanding results for our customer. Their strategic direction for the company focuses on fostering innovation, utilizing the latest technology, and enhancing creativity while expanding into new markets around the world.

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10. Peerbits:

Learn about the latest technologies and how they are changing life around you

With the help of our vast experience in the field of information technology, we have published a vast resource of materials to help upcoming startups and enterprises to learn how technology can benefit them.

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In India we have n number of Good Companies among them I added a few best companies. These are the companies mainly focus on the functionality but look and feel too and they can also deliver your product on expected date as well.  I will try to add more companies in future.

Other Companies Requested By Users:
11. Applify

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12. Creole Studios:

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13. Let’s Nurture

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14. WeDig Tech

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