Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Area Cool And Enjoyable In UAE

Now you can Enjoy outdoor Space even in UAE's hot weather.


In the period of the whole year the weather of all GCC Countries remains hot but in summer it cross the Degree 45 Temperature and in this weather condition it is very difficult to get outdoor fresh air as well outdoor enjoyment in the daytime. Even you are living in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman or any other country of GCC Region you will have to face this warm weather which is harmful to you and your products like car, industrial item, home items etc. Either if you want to enjoy the swimming pool or in your garden, it’s very difficult for you to stay outside.

Not just only outdoor swimming pool enjoyment also you miss a lot of other enjoyments like drinking Juice outside, enjoying garden area etc and as well if you have something outside that will be burned in this hot summer season to overcome all these problems people and companies Install outdoor sun shades. These sun shades make their outdoor seating enjoyable as well protect the cars that are parked outside of their homes and offices. You can put these shades for multiple purposes like for Pool Areas, Out Children Play Area, Car Parking Areas, Garden Areas, School Areas etc. These shades protect you a lot from harsh UV Sun Rays which sometimes burn your skin, fade your car color etc. Here I am mentioning some of the shades types that will help you a lot to save in all kind of weathers.

Before opening your laptop and searching for the suppliers of Sun shades like Outdoor sun shades suppliers, car parking shades suppliers you must have decided what the purpose of your shade, what exactly you want to protect either you or some of your entity like the car, play area or anything else.

  • Pergola Shades: Pergola shades are very classic design shades and look very good when you put on your patio area, pools area of car park area this design is classic and modern design. It is available with small layers which pass air and block the sun that mostly harms you but as per my experience, this is most strong, durable and perfect solution for every outdoor area.

  • Sun Sail Shades: Sun Sail shades are an inexpensive and most economical solution for outdoor area shades and also increase the beauty of the outdoor area as these shades come up in triangle style, square design as well you can make your own custom design. When these shades installed and these shades make good look due to tension in the fabric.

  • Car Park Area shades: If you are the owner of Car or you owning the complete building or making new building it’s really important to have car parking shades in your parking area if it is outside. I highly recommend car parking shades for your car park area if you are parking your car in Dubai other other states of UAE or in the whole GCC region. If you didn’t put parking shades you will get your car color fade soon or due to heat your car damage from inside as well. Car Parking shades are also available in different designs with different prices. You can place Pergola design for parking area shade, cantilever parking shade, pyramid design, Umbrella parking shade, wave design shade. While going to place car park shade keep following things in mind: parking shade fabric either PVC, HDPE, PTFE etc all are available at different prices.

  • Awning Shades: Awning shades are best solutions for home and are a more permanent fixture in home and can add great curb appeal if installed properly. Awnings shades are usually made out of a metal frame that is attached to the house, windows or larger patios. The fabric for awning shades is usually canvas and available in the market easily. Awnings are a great solution for the homeowner who wants indoor feeling seating at outside while being protected from the sun and dust as well.

  • Canopy Shades for Garden:  To extend your home into garden style Garden canopy shades are one of the best solutions that helps you in seating outside with family and enjoy talk and meal. Canopy shades are available in standard and custom sizes it depends on your requirements and needs.

These all shades helps you a lot if you are living in UAE or another country where the weather is warm to enjoy the outdoor weather. These shades protect you and your entities from harsh UV sun rays which really effects you. It is highly recommended from my side if you are living in Dubai UAE go for these shades.

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