Tips To Have a Backup for Your Travel Documents

This article talks about ways to keep a backup for your travel documents so that even when you lose them, you wouldn’t worry much and panic much. You can easily get

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If you have lost your bag that had clothes in it while you are on a trip that can be covered easily. If you have lost your make-up kit or your medicines, even those can be covered with a little extra effort. But if you have lost your documents, then you are surely in a hell lot of problems. You need to have backup for your travel documents. Losing documents is one of the most dreading issues that you can face. These documents are very much important which is regardless to say. Apart from that you just cannot afford to lose your travel documents because it is very difficult to replace them. You will end up facing innumerable issues if you lose them in a foreign country and most importantly, you might even miss the date of your journey back home if you don’t get them on time and that means you will be stuck there forever without identity. All of this means TROUBLE!

So to avoid trouble, you need to have a backup for your travel documents. Now there are minor tips which you can follow for having a safe time anywhere and not get trapped in the net of problems that will follow once you lose your travel documents.

  • Always make sure to have sets of Xerox copies or copy-prints of all your important documents. This way your process might speed up a little bit and at least you will have a proof that you actually had the documents and you were not faking it that someone stole them. Always carry some extra printed copies of the following documents which can come handy.
  • Passport (which is a main thing)
  • Visa (getting a carbon copy of the page that is currently under use is what you need to do)
  • Travel insurance (helps you with reimbursements easily)
  • Driver’s license (as an identity proof)
  • Health information (for your personal benefits and reasons)
  • Travel itinerary (important)
  • Airline tickets (very important)
  • Hotel booking confirmations and cab service confirmations.
  • Vaccination certificates (Some countries require a vaccination certificate for specific infectious diseases. Venezuela asks you your jaundice certificate before letting you inside the country.)
  • Any other important piece of document that you are supposed to carry.
  • You can also leave one set of these printed copies near one of your friends or family members who can readily send it to you in case you lose your entire luggage. This is also a better way to have a backup of your travel documents.
  • Once you are done distributing and storing the hard copies of your documents, make sure to have the soft copies of everything. Have saved documents in your phone, store them in the draft box of your mail and also send them to a trusted friend or family member. Make sure to have a sift copy version of each and every document. If a PDF format or any other format of that particular document is not available, then click clear pictures of the documents and store them everywhere.
  • If you are carrying a laptop or any other gadget other than phone, then store them there also. Or maybe you can always carry these documentations in a pen drive that can fit in your pockets so that the chances of losing them are less.
  • Having travel insurance is always useful as it is indeed one of the major backups you can have along with the backup for your travel documents. They help you in the reimbursement of your unauthorized cards like credit cards. They also help you with your medical emergencies and advance cash availabilities.  This is a great way to get back some of the facilities that you might have ended up losing if you had no proof left or no backup saved.

Taking care of your travel documents before having a backup of them is what you need to aim first. You need to be alert and super careful with all your paperwork. Backup for your travel documents is a must and that is why this article is written so that you don’t miss out on anything. We do not want you to panic. Imagine you have booked some really economical tickets with some great offers from online travel agencies like Indian Eagle and then boom! You lose your documents after you reach your destination! Your entire happiness of booking cheap flight tickets will be gone when you know you are in trouble. To avoid this, keep your papers safe and stay ready with a backup of your travel documents. Bon Voyage!


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