Pros and Cons of Home Gym

There are a lot of advantages to having your very own home gym. Of course, there are also disadvantages and we’ll tackle both in this article so read along!


Fitness enthusiasts who want easy and instant access to workout equipment and space anytime they want have two options: apply for a membership at their local and favorite gym in Makati or build their own gym at home. It’s also possible to do both but then again not everyone has the financial capacity to do that. Because of this, it’s usually just one or the other.

That said, however, it shouldn’t surprise you to find that availing of a gym membership is the more preferred between the two. People very rarely consider assembling a home gym and we actually think that it’s time to change that.

There are a lot of advantages to having your very own home gym. Of course, there are also disadvantages and we’ll tackle both in this article so that you can get a picture of what it’s like to have your own, personal gym!

We’ll start with the pros:

Eliminates the Need to Travel

The drive and desire to work out hits you at random times of the day. When it does, you usually have to travel to your favorite gym in Makati and have to go through hellish traffic before you can get there. With a home gym, you won’t ever have to face that problem. Even if you’re out and away, you won’t be discouraged to go to your gym because you’re eventually going to head back home anyway.

Gives You Complete Privacy

One of the best things about a home gym is having the privacy to do what you have to do. This is most especially beneficial for those who are a little self-conscious of themselves and always want to keep a low-profile in the gym. You can do all your pre-workout routines without a care for the world and shout and yell at the top of your lungs without worrying about getting weird looks.

24/7 Access to Gym Equipment

Home gyms are open 25/7 and 365 – 366 when it’s a leap year – and you can have access to your favorite gym equipment any day and anytime you want. Granted that there are gyms that are open 24/7, you usually have to wait in line to use some of the equipment. Moreover, they’re usually closed during or around the holidays which is typically when your need and want to work out are at their peak.

Set and Follow Your Own Rules

Assembling your own gym means setting and following your own rules; you may even choose to not have any. You can wear anything you want, eat a complete meal at the gym if you want, and listen to the music you like. Simply put, you can do whatever you want and like as long as it doesn’t risk you and your family’s safety and it doesn’t negatively impact your fitness journey.

Helps You Save Money

This might be a shock to you but having a home gym can actually help you save money. Sure, initial cost is expensive but when you think of how long you’re going to use the gym and how your family can join in, you’ll realize that it doesn’t amount to much. Besides, you’d be saving money on transportation and membership costs which add up to a significant amount.

Then there are also cons:

Lower Levels of Safety

The good thing about actual gyms is the fact that there are professional trainers present to supervise your workouts and make sure you aren’t damaging your body. Now, if you’re a professional who knows what they’re doing, then you shouldn’t be too concerned about this. If, however, you are a novice and don’t know much about how to safely work out, then you may want to reconsider building a home gym.

Limited Equipment and Amenities

You’re sure to find every piece of equipment you need in an actual gym plus a few additional amenities that you can use for recovery and/or relaxation. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for your home gym – unless you’re loaded with cash and can actually build a gym complete with every imaginable equipment and amenities such as sauna rooms or basketball courts.

Equipment/Machine Upkeep Responsibilities

As the sole owner and user of a home gym, maintenance and upkeep responsibilities are all on you. You constantly need to check the condition of your equipment and have them repaired (if possible) when needed. Nobody is going to do that for you and you can’t expect for your home gym to magically clean and repair itself.

A Lot of Potential Distractions

Homes are a full of distractions that you can rarely ignore especially if you’re living with kids. If you’re a parent, you can tell your kid and/or your significant other to stay away from the home gym while you’re working out but that doesn’t really work forever. On some days, you’ll have no choice but to tend to your family’s needs and fulfill your household responsibilities.

It Can Get Quite Boring

Working out alone can quickly get boring and demotivating especially if there’s no one to celebrate your progress with or to chitchat with in between breaks. Again, you can turn to your family members to fill the in-betweens but there’s something different and appealing to sharing stories with fellow gym members. Introverts may not think so, but part of an actual gym’s appeal is getting to know the people in it.

Key Takeaway

Now that we’ve laid out the pros and cons of having a home gym, it’s up to you to arrive at a decision. As with anything, always remember to weigh both options and choose one that will benefit you best. That said, will you give up membership to your favorite gym in Makati and build your personal gym or not?

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