New Startups in Dubai with Bright Future


The ecosystem of startups in Dubai has seen a great rise lately. Many new startups are better than the traditional and conventional ones. These startups are innovatively changing the dynamics of business and for the most part, enhancing the customer care and user experience by introducing innovations. Many economists have prophesized that these startups will change the business demographics for Dubai in the upcoming years.

Following are some of the startups in Dubai with a bright future.


Yeebly is an online grocery store with free delivery across Dubai. Yeebly offers a wide range of grocery items such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and meal packs.

This startup sole purpose is to deliver fresh and healthy grocery to its customer within the comfort of their homes for an affordable price. Ordering groceries from yeebly is fairly simple, user can order groceries via android app.


PitStopArabia is an online tyre store, offering tyres from a wide range of trusted brands. Customer can easily compare the prices of tyres from different brands, order a tyre online and has it delivered to their doorstep, as well as Customers can get tyre installed at their doorsteps or at nearby installation center by the certified professionals.

PitStopArabia has over 150 installer locations all over Dubai. The ultimate purpose of pitstoparabia is to provide its customers with the best options on reliable tyres within the comfort of their homes.

3.Mumzworld is a mother, baby & child site offering a wide variety of products for mum and child. Mumzworld offer products such as diapers, feeding, gears for infant, toys, outdoor, bath, safety, clothes, bedroom, mumz section, books, school, party, and other collections.

Mumzworld has made it easier for moms to take better care of their children just on their fingertips.


Wysada is a one-stop shop for luxury home decor shopping. Wysada’s range of products includes Décor & Accessories, Furniture & Lighting, Bed & Bath, Kitchen & Dining, Kids & Babies, Gifts & Gadgets, Electrical & Home Appliances, Outdoor & Garden. Wysada’s goal is to provide its customers with an unparallel luxury lifestyle experience.

5.Nabbesh is an online freelance work marketplace that connects top notch and fast-growing companies with a talented workforce.

Nabbesh is stepping up to solve local employment crisis via its innovative online work marketplace. Anyone with sufficient skill can find work at


Careem is a personal transport service. Any commuter can order a cab via career android app for a totally personalized and convenient journey while tracking cab rides in real time.

Due to convenience and fair fares, many people are being compelled towards using careem as their daily commuting medium.


Acadox is an online learning platform for teachers and students. Acadox works in an efficient, simple and secure method while having a wide range of services and tools to achieve a maximum of learning goals.

Acadox is a community focused learning based on cloud technology application to enhance teaching and learning while reducing overall cost.

8.Report card

Report card is a startup company that helps academic and vocational institutes by embedding them with intelligent technology in order to enhance their overall management and day to day operations.

Through the use of technology, report card helps educators and students to identify their strengths and improvement area’s; so they can perform better in an optimum state.


Genr8 is a startup power industry with the mission of generating clean energy through the means of a distributed exchange system based on the blockchain technology. Genr8 has furthermore planned to build synergetic homes, vehicles, and cities.

Genr8 has a mission to provide energy to those +1B people who have no access to electricity while reforming the harmful methods and resources that produce +75% of energy.

10.Yo Neighbor

Yo Neighbor is a mobile sharing app that lets you rent an item from your neighbor instead of buying a new one. You also can rent out any item conveniently and frequently if it’s not in your use. Payment is rather simple, via cash only.

This app has the ultimate purpose of helping your neighbor while earning a bit of cash. Not bad hun!


SwitchDXB is an app that helps you find new & exciting things regarding health, fitness, and wellness in Dubai. Every new exciting activity in Dubai is available in real time on the app. Payment is fairly reasonable, pay as you explore.

SwitchDXB initially inspires you through the exciting; fitness, health and wellbeing activities -a group or an individual has been performing, if you are inspired you book a session flexible to your timings and pay through the app. Last but not least you can keep track of your activities & lifestyle via the app itself.

12.Amal Glasse

Amal glasses are the glasses that make visually impaired person self-independent. Amal glasses are smart glasses due to embedded artificial intelligence, amal glass is a combination of 25 assistive devices.

Amal glasses have only one mission, to bring color into the life of those who are visually impaired.

The Conclusion

Innovative thinking and reliable customer care with embedded modern tech is the new face of startups in Dubai. These startups have guaranteed the ultimate user experience and satisfaction.

All of these startups are progressing towards a bright future with one simple yet powerful goal, creating a world a better place.

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