Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Your Next DIY Project

Have fun making these DIY kitchen cabinet ideas!


The best use of power tools in the Philippines is for reinventing the style of everyone’s favorite room in their homes, the kitchen. Filipinos are natural food-lovers and this is translated through the various delicious recipes made by locals. Making a kitchen cabinet as part of your Do-It-Yourself project is the best way to cut costs when you’re remodeling your kitchen or if you want a personalized touch to your kitchen design in your new home. Be inspired by these 5 kitchen cabinet ideas so you would have a clear idea on how you want your kitchen to look. See all of them here!

Face Frame Base Kitchen Cabinet Carcass

This is a simple kitchen cabinet idea from, which you can make whenever you want a simple and rustic style.  It goes great with an island red color with its added feature of a paper towel holder built right into the kitchen cabinet. You should consider the details on this kitchen cabinet idea which does not leave a dent in your budget. If you’re from the Philippines, the power tools that you need can be easily found on your father or grandfather’s shed like a circular hand saw, level, sander, and automatic nailer. This one is a great DIY project especially if you like a beginner’s level type of activity.

Small Kitchen Wall Cabinet

If you would like to start small for your DIY project, then this is a great idea for a kitchen cabinet. The procedure of making this kitchen cabinet came from Instructables which you can adapt for your own kitchen cabinet idea. This clean-looking cabinet has that homey feel to it which is what you would want for a welcoming kitchen environment. Another great thing about this idea is that you can choose however you want to customize it with colors that can match the whole scheme of your kitchen. Incorporate it into the existing style of your kitchen but make sure that it can also stand out with the design that you are going to choose for it.

Plywood Kitchen Cabinet

Durability and stability for your kitchen cabinet? Then consider this DIY project idea for your home. The basic material is responsible for a lot of great DIY projects that are used in many homes. You can even take it up a notch by combining a blend of plywood and hardwood which makes the kitchen cabinet stronger and with more design capabilities than ever before. Traditional plywood can make strong frames as you craft kitchen cabinets with quality doors and drawers. You would also be glad to know that it is a hassle-free project with just a couple of wood, materials, and some power tools to get you started. You can even have a strong finish by coating the whole cabinet with varnish which will provide it with that much-needed polish.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet

More on the rustic kitchen cabinet side, the Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet is one project that you should do for your DIY kitchen renovation. According to the How To Specialist, you should invest in this DIY project idea by purchasing the best materials in the market like a weather-resistant lumber found in the likes of pine or cedar. The result of this kitchen cabinet idea is a double door farmhouse cabinet with that vintage feel to it. Even if you are not living in the rural part of the area, this is a great installation and addition to your kitchen because it gives it a warm atmosphere without much effort.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Use pallet boards to complete this project. With just a few materials, you can achieve a great design with this kitchen cabinet idea. What’s also great is that you can craft according to your preference. With its simple frame and reliable functionality, this is a great use of those reclaimed wood that you can use for the kitchen cabinet. An affordable project, you would not need to scout the market for the materials because you can work out of the things you have now. Scrapality designed theirs by painting the whole exterior of the cabinet with black and staining the inside of the boards. This gave the cabinet a modern and strong look to it which works well with appliances and other elements in the kitchen.

Key Takeaway

Creating DIY kitchen cabinets are great ways to use your creativity as well as have a cost-effective solution to home design. With the right materials and power tools, your work of labor will turn out beautifully. Always remember that you should opt for the best materials there is so that you can ensure the best visuals for your kitchen cabinet ideas and the durability that you would want for it. This will maintain its character and practicality which will promote its visual personality in your kitchen. Have fun making these DIY kitchen cabinet ideas!

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