Is Travel Insurance worth It for Families

Are you sure you want to take the risk of traveling with your family without travel insurance? If you are putting off travel insurance, you need to read this.

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If you travel without travel insurance, you might be giving yourself false reliefs. For instance, medical bills in Asia are pretty cheap. Or if you just travel with light stuff, it won’t matter if you lose your bags and so on. On the other hand, your insurance company will just tell you horror stories to get you to purchase the insurance.

The latter is true actually. If you don’t have travel insurance, it might cost you more than $100,000 for an emergency evacuation. In that case, travel insurance is worth every penny. Let’s be real, travel insurance is nowhere near as affordable as Frontier Internet packages. But you got to have it.

Should I Get It Or Not?

Before you ask yourself is travel insurance necessary, you need to ask this question. What’s the worst that could happen if I don’t have travel insurance?

It’s true we should not control our decisions based on the fear of the future but foresight is a good armor against the unknown. Travel insurance could prove to be a good shield against unknown chaos. 

Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is Necessary

So far, if you didn’t need travel insurance, you are in luck. But it’s time you consider this option for yourself and your family. Here are some reasons why:

  • Protection against Accidents and Injury: When we are traveling, we participate in activities which we don’t normally perform in our daily lives. It could be hiking, skiing, skydiving, etc. No matter how careful you are, you can get injured. It could be a serious injury that can cost you some serious money. 

If you have travel insurance, dealing with visits to a doctor, hospital or emergency evacuation will be less painful. 

  • Protection against Illness: Ok, let’s say you are on a trip with friends and you get sick. Fungal infection, food poisoning, and similar other illnesses can spike your hospital bill. If it’s one of your kids who have gotten sick, you just can’t leave them untreated. 

With travel insurance, you can see a doctor without worrying about the expense. Once you regain your health, you can enjoy your trip just like you planned. 

  • Coverage for Theft or Loss of Property: You might be one of these people who are very careful with their luggage. Unfortunately, not all airlines all. If it’s not your airline, you could lose an item on a bus ride. Then, there is always the fear of pickpocketing.  

Sometimes, we have to carry valuable items with us while traveling. If they get damaged or stolen, your travel insurance will cover the expense. For example, if you broke your camera, lost your bag or someone stole your phone, you will get reimbursed for the loss. Without insurance, you will have to spend money on the purchase or repair whether you like it or not. I am sure you wouldn’t like that.

  • Compensation for Trip Delays: Imagine you have been waiting for this trip for a long time. You can’t wait to get on broad and fly to Paris or any other dream destination. But all of a sudden, you miss your flight.

There could be other scenarios such as your flight got delayed or you had to cancel the trip due to an emergency situation. 

Rebooking the flight and hotel room now can cost you a fortune. If you have travel insurance, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Your insurance will cover the cost incurred for trip delays. 

Note that the compensation is provided only in case of special circumstances such as a natural disaster or a serious injury.

  • Compensation for Sudden Death: Although nobody likes to think of this scenario, some things in life are inevitable. Death has nothing to do with age. It can show up at your door anytime. 

In case of sudden death, while traveling, the family of the deceased has to go through a lot of trouble. The financial burden of shipping the body back to home so that the family can say its final goodbye can be extremely heavy. 

Most travel insurance cover death or dismemberment expense. In case someone passes away on a trip, the travel insurance will reduce the financial burden off the family. 

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost?

Different insurance companies provide different coverage to users. The coverage also depends on the type of plan chosen. The cost of a basic plan may start from $25 a month. The cost varies from one provider to another.

When you are buying travel insurance, make sure you double-check what your health insurance covers. Some benefits might be covered by your health insurance plan. 

Learn everything about their reimbursement process to avoid any discrepancies later. Ask questions if you don’t understand anything. Buying travel insurance is not as easy as buying FiOS Internet only plan, you know.

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