How To Promote A Local Business On Instagram

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Many businesses realize that they can increase their conversion rates by promoting their brand on social media. Local businesses have not been left behind. Instagram is one such social media platform that started as a platform for sharing mobile photos. Today, it has grown into a strong business marketing tool.

Research shows that 75% of the 600,000 million monthly active users of Instagram take actions such as making a purchase or visiting a website after viewing a marketing post on the platform. Firms that have used it to promote their local business have seen increased engagement and growth in their customers. But, how exactly can you promote a local business on Instagram? This article seeks to answer this important question.

Do Not Be Silent on Instagram

Instagram is a social platform where you need to participate. If you are a local business and you have no idea how Instagram works, you can seek Instagram marketing services in your area. They can help you promote your local business. Such platforms will also offer Instagram social media marketing services and ensure you actively participate with your target market.

If you decide to do it by yourself, you will need to create a social reputation on Instagram to successfully promote your local business. To achieve this, you will need to:

  • Follow others especially local influencers and reputable businesses and be part of their conversations. This will see you gain more exposure in your locality and a local Instagram following.

  • You also need to be part of conversations created on your comments section of your posts. While you are at it, do not ignore your leads or ambassadors. If a person or another business promotes your product, be sure to like or comment on their post and thank them. This will encourage them to do more marketing for you.

  • Further, you can take the engagement beyond conversations and seek partnership with local businesses. This relationship can help you promote your business and show a sense of local friendships in the community. For instance, several local firms can do a community cleanup and post the photos on their profiles with the Instagram profile links of the businesses involved. This way different local business pages will promote your business.

  • You can also cross-promote where a related local business shares your posts, and you also share theirs on your profile.

Let Followers Know You Are Proud Of Your Locality

You can promote your local business to the locals and other followers by letting people know just how much you are proud of your city or town. Here are a few ways you can do this.

  • Post pictures and videos of your local area. Post images of your local area and add video content among the images. You can put up photos of your city scenery or even you wearing a jersey of your favorite local team. Such images will resonate with the locals, and they are proof that you love where you come from. Locals are likely to feel connected with your business.

  • Use the right hashtags. Hashtags are a popular way of attracting the right audience to your business. Use a hashtag that has your location, known places in your city or even a popular festival or occasion happening in your city.  Instagram allows you to use as many as 30 relevant hashtags in a post, ensure that you include a few based on your local areas.

Use Geo tags

This is an awesome way for locals and tourists to discover your local business. Using the Instagram search tab, followers will easily locate your business when they are searching for local businesses related to yours. Ensure the bio you provide is interesting and complete to ensure clients do not choose your competitor over you.

Additionally, you can use location hashtags to your posts or images. Research shows that posts that have geotags are likely to receive 79% more engagement compared to those without geotags. This does away with the hard task of leaving your followers guessing where you are located.

In conclusion, Instagram is a great way to promote your local business, but you will have to use the right tools to gain a following. Hopefully, the above Instagram marketing tips will encourage you to start promoting your local business and increase your audience on Instagram.

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