How Millennials Are Shaping The Face Of Entertainment?

The biggest reason why millennials have impacted the entertainment industry that much is because they were the first generation to grow up using the internet.

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There’s no doubt the millennial generation is impacting a number of sectors out there. We often hear stories about these people hurting some industries’ sales but there also those that millennials helped flourish. One of those fields is entertainment which has never been as popular as it is right now.

The biggest reason why millennials have impacted the entertainment industry that much is because they were the first generation to grow up using the internet. Not only that they helped the web become what it is today but they’re still helping it evolve. But what kind of effect did this have on the world of entertainment? Read on to find out.

Escaping to the world of entertainment

When talking about entertainment, we usually think about something that allows us to take breaks from our work and get much-needed rest. However, the way people see entertainment is changing and it’s common for millennials to escape to the world of entertainment.

As a response to the fast-paced and stressful everyday life, they indulge in binge-watching movies and TV shows, and gaming sessions that often last longer than six hours. It may seem like this doesn’t impact the entertainment sector a lot but when you think about it, it’s obvious that entertainment brands are now looking to provide millennials with what they need. For example, take a look at the giants such as Netflix and the way they release TV shows. No one wants to wait days to watch the next episode of their favorite shows, which is exactly why they now release full seasons on the same date.

The rise of iGaming

Going to brick-and-mortar casinos has always been one of the most popular entertainment forms available. Due to technology, casino games are no longer only available in casinos but on the web as well.

It was millennials who helped online casinos become a thing as they were looking for a more convenient way to engage in popular casino games. Initially, only games such as poker and slots were available online but things are changing at a rapid pace. Right now, there are many types of casino games available online and it’s up to players to choose which of them they want to indulge in. The iGaming industry is about to advance even more as the entire world is making a switch to digital currencies. The Facebook’s Libra is guaranteed to generate a lot of noise later this year.

The use of mobile devices

TV and radio saw a large decline in popularity when people started using PCs for entertainment. It looks like we’re now witnessing another huge change as we’re all making a switch from PCs to mobile devices. Not so long ago, millennials started using these things for work and nowadays, they can serve as a replacement for computers in almost all aspects.

With the switch from PCs to mobile devices already taking place, it comes as no surprise that entertainment companies are focusing on mobile as well. There’s hardly a company in the sector that doesn’t have its own app and we’re about to see even more of these being released in the future. For instance, apps developed by online streaming brands such as Netflix and Amazon already have millions of users and they’re popularity is growing at a rapid pace. When it comes to gaming, even popular releases such as League of Legends are now available on mobile but gamers still prefer the number of options games have on PCs and gaming consoles.

Engaging in Instagram content

Watching movies and playing video games are forms of entertainment that have been around for decades. However, the millennial generation has also caused some new forms of entertainment to emerge and almost all of it takes place on the web.

Social media has taken over about a decade ago and in 2020, it’s one of the most popular forms of entertainment both among millennials and the generation Z. Facebook was the dominant platform for years but it looks like Instagram is now what people prefer using. Instagramming, as it’s called, allows people to engage in quick content and keep in touch with their friends at the same time. This social media platform is continuing to grow and offer users some new types of content. Just take a look at how many people now use IGTV and post polls on Instagram stories.


Millennials have had a huge impact on the entertainment industry and together with generation Z, they’re bound to change it even more. We can all agree that we’re lucky to be living in an age when so many forms of entertainment are available. You can choose the form of entertainment you like the most and let it help you get rest from the busy work life we all live.

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