Don’t Make Technology Ruin your Business by Being too Dependent on it


Companies try numerous strategies and tactics to get the customer’s attention. The marketing campaigns that used to lure people just through a 20% discount or a Buy 1 Get 1 offer in the offseason are now a tale of the past. Customers used to be that naïve but not now. Now no company can sell anything to a large target market by just through gimmicks or an irresistible offer. It’s a pretty hard thing to sell any product nowadays.

Most companies around the world depend upon online marketing to make sure they get to their target market. Using social media platforms is one aspect which proves to be quite beneficial for many companies as startups and SMEs are the ones who benefit the most from these channels. The use of a fully e-commerce ready website has subsided by this trend and that’s one disadvantage of relying too much on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

What’s the Need for a Website for Businesses?

While through social media companies to get to know their customers better and engage with them in a better way, a website serves its purpose like no other. A customer like to visit the website of the company from which he is about to buy a product. This is done for several reasons but the foremost thing on a person’s mind is to check the genuineness of the company and to take a look at the list of its past customers. That’s why companies need to create an e-commerce ready website regardless of the nature and size of their business.

Web design in one of the key aspects that work for any company. So it doesn’t matter whether you are in a health business or selling candies online, you need attractive website designs are important to lure your customers. With the right assistance from an e-commerce web development company, any firm can make sure that it has the right design and layout to attract their customers. But a section of the industry pundits is of the opinion that too much dependence on technology is ruining the way we treat our customers and start taking them for granted. Let’s analyze this aspect in a bit detail now.

How Not to Treat your Customers?

Too much dependence on technology is becoming a nuisance for some customers. Take the following example. If you need a sandwich with fries right now and no outlet would take your order without registering for their app or website, what would you do? After all the registration process and other formalities would you like to have that sandwich after 1 hour or so? Of course not. So what’s the remedy for companies to make sure they can retain their customers?

Technology is applied to make things easier for us, not to complicate things further. Just think about a senior citizen not much familiar with mobile apps and need to register with it to apply for a meal? Ridiculous, isn’t it? Technology must help us all not make thing more complicated. You will still find a sizeable chunk of your target market which would like to order through a traditional phone call. Would you like to lose all that customers just by making sure your customers can only order through your app?

I will stick to the fast food industry in the rest of this blog to make sure you understand my point of view.

Turn your Business into a Customer-First Venture

With the latest technology, you can process your food and preserve it for a much longer time. You can virtually do things to boost your family business which your father wouldn’t have imagined. But advanced technology shouldn’t be a barrier to restrict you from connecting with your customers in an easy and hassle-free manner. You need to accept that customers have diverse preferences are different in their approach. Some of them always do shopping online while some still like to roam around the malls before finalizing a shoe that fits them perfectly.

As a fast food venture, your first priority should be the quality of the food. No second thoughts on that. But after that, you need to put your customer first. After all, they provide you the much-needed cash through which you run your business. Simplify the way your customers do business with you and make the ordering procedure simple. Yes, have the app for the tech-savvy ones but don’t shut the door for the ones who would like to order through a phone line.

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