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Do Aliens Really Exist?

We cannot help but continue to wonder if there is another intelligent life out there. We have heard so much about aliens to want to find out if they really exist. Astronomers have been on the lookout for any signs that suggest the possibility of another life out there. There have been quite a number of UFO sightings in recent times, about 100000 in the past 100 years. UFOs are unusual objects often seen in the sky. There has been the spread of the Roswell UFO theory that suggests that aliens actually do exist. It began when a farmer discovered some debris in his sheep field that he could not identify. NASA however, has not given any indications of the existence of alien life. There have been talks about aliens living in space, especially mars, but none has been conclusive. Several movies about aliens have been made like “The bob and Critters”, where it was insinuated that aliens eat humans. There have been myths flying around that aliens drink blood.

Frank Drake, an astronomer, derived an equation where he could predict if aliens really exist. A lot of factors were considered like the number of planets that could support life and the number among this that could support intelligent life. He came to a conclusion that thousands of these planets actually exist. Among astronauts that have claimed to sight, one or two UFOs include Edgar Mitchell, Cady Coleman etc. British’ X file contains records of unusual happenings in the skies. Mars is said to be similar to earth. There have been reports of bears and pyramids roaming this planet. Mars has been said to have been frozen for a long time, about 3 billion years ago. It was then warmed out and melted into valley and canyons. Scientists have also noticed a lot of strange signals from distant stars, especially in recent times. It is believed that some of these signals may have come from aliens who are trying to communicate with us.

Some scientists even believe that humans were Martians before they became humans. Stargazers have said they have spotted some other planets outside our solar system. In fact, NASA planet-finding spacecraft has discovered over 4000 exoplanets since it came into existence. Among these, about 216 have been said to be so much like earth, they are located in the Goldilocks Zone, which is the region around any star. These planets are habitable but they are very far away from light. However, one of these planets referred to as “second earth”, has been found to be able to adequately support life. At the European Southern Observatory, some astronomers have spotted alien world that orbits Proxima Centauri, a small star that lies about 4.25 years away from light. Another world was reported to be orbiting a star about 14 years away from light, this world might have characteristics that might be able to support life, just like earth. The “Zoo theory” has tried to explain why aliens have not been in contact with humans. It proposes that aliens are probably keeping away from us so that they don’t interfere with our normal human-like activities, just like zookeepers at the zoo. Massive technology like the Raytheon ATFLIR has been used to identify the existence of UFOs. It used infrared sensors that were mounted under the jets and used to capture images in space. These images were then analyzed by the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. This sensor can distinguish between cold sky and an object that is hot and moving. It is capable of locating targets at ranges more than 50 nautical miles away.

For the past 100 years, humans have been so curious to get to a conclusion about whether there really alien life is out there. Cornell University researcher, Evan Solomides have said it might take humans more than 1500 years to come to a conclusion about the existence of alien life. So many theories continue to suggest that there might be aliens out there but no of these have been concretely proved. Some people speculate that the government has probably made contact with aliens but are keeping it from us. Maybe in the future, more evidence might arise that will prove that aliens exist or will dismiss the claims. We cannot exactly say where this will lead to. We also hope that NASA also makes a pathway with enough research, to help satisfy our curiosity. However, for now, whether aliens exist, what they eat if they do, and where they live, remains a mystery to us.

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