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Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., once noted that “Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Best designs originate from a better understanding of human experience. Creativity is the most important quality of a designer. But that alone is not sufficient. It is important to learn tools and techniques that can bring your ideas into existence.

However talented you may be, not having a degree could be a handicap even if you have a strong and versatile portfolio. Because many companies are not willing to overlook the lack of a degree.

Here are some courses you can take if you are interested in designing.


Engineering and Design are not mutually exclusive. The word design is often sidelined to mean apparel design or accessory design or even interior design. Some of the best designers also happen to be engineers.

Engineers are problem solvers. They develop new products, processes or techniques that provide explanations, clarifications, interpretations, and expositions to everyday problems in an economically viable and sustainable manner. The design is at the heart of any product. Rarely do we appreciate the design engineers of various products that we take for granted.

The design is a part of every engineering discipline. Here are some of the courses you can look into if you have the heart of a designer:

  • Aerospace Engineering – Aerospace engineers dabble in technologies that are primarily used in defense systems, aviation, and spacecraft They are involved in the design and manufacture of spacecraft and other aerospace products.
  • Civil Engineering – Civil Engineering deals with the design, supervision, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects. Civil Engineering design has a very large scope. It deals with various physical structures like dams, bridges, roads, harbors, railway tracks etc.
  • Computer Engineering – Computer engineers have their own brand of Software Designing which is more solution-oriented. Software architects create quality software by applying design principles and patterns.
  • Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical Engineering mainly focuses on design, manufacture, and operation of various tools, machines, engines and other mechanical devices. Mechanical engineers with an aptitude for design, attention to detail and accuracy can learn CAD/CAM to advance their careers in design direction.

If you have a fascination for designing solutions that make life easier check out these Engineering Colleges in Pune that offers courses in several engineering disciplines.

Bachelor of Design

This course is best suited for people who possess a highly creative and artistic mind. This course mainly focuses on the design of specific parts. This course lasts three or four years depending on the institution that is offering the degree.

There are a lot of specializations to choose from. Some of them are:

  • Interior Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Products Design
  • Textile Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Ceramic and Glass Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation Film Design
  • Film and Video Communication
  • Exhibition Design

Bachelor of Architecture

This stream primarily focuses on design and construction of buildings. Architects usually focus on the aesthetics of a building, the functional layout, and the look and feel of the building. This is a five-year technical course where a lot of engineering principles come into play. Architects of today are coming up with sustainable and environmentally friendly designs popularly known as green designs.

Students have to appear for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) to become eligible for joining a B.Arch course. Along with a Part A online MCQ test, there is a Part B offline drawing test. You can opt for B.Arch if you have good drawing skills.


Design learning doesn’t stop at graduation, it is a life-long process. You can go for a postgraduate course to learn what you love at an advanced level. For example, B.Des graduates often go for M.Des course to give a boost to their career prospects. Quality design education can be very expensive. Those who have a natural flair for designing can also teach themselves through online courses.

There is always an element of risk associated with creative jobs. Everybody doesn’t make it. A common trend among those who wish to play safe is that they do a degree in any of the mainstream courses and then later branch out into designing. A lot of automative designers are mechanical engineers and a lot of interior designers are civil engineers. There are many graphic designers who started their career as computer engineers. If you are unsure about taking up a design career head-on, you can always go for an engineering degree that is in line with your aspirations. That can provide you with a major advantage in the job market. There are many good Engineering Colleges in Pune which offer great courses with competitive curriculum.

Designing profession grants a lot of creative freedom. It may seem like an idyllic career choice. But it takes a lot of hard work to be successful in this profession.

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