Benefits Of Studying Abroad! Study in USA!!!

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Study In USA-

Every year, a lot of people intend to while a number of others actually travel abroad for the purpose of study at varying levels. While some do this just to escape the harsh realities in their countries, others do this to broaden their scope of learning and some others do this as a result of immigration to such countries.

Benefits Of Studying Abroad-

If unsure on whether or not to apply for that admission or to accept same, below are reasons why it is important to study abroad:

  1. Experience different teaching styles: as your course tutors are unlikely to teach you in the manner you are used to from your home country, you get to experience a diverse style of education.
  2. Improve your language skills: Colleges in the United States have an influx of students from all over the world so you will have the opportunity to meet with people from all over the world and get a chance to learn from them and share new ideas.
  3. Exposure to different cultures: attending a college abroad means that you get exposed to the food, social behavior, traditions and general way of life of other people and places without having to travel to these places.
  4. CV optimization: a degree from an international college, skills you might have picked up in the course of your study and a refreshed perspective to external culture are good additions to your curriculum vitae and they help place you ahead of other job seekers. On the other hand, if you seek a career in USA, having a local education will be a plus for you.
  5. Opportunity to see the world: apart from being exposed to the culture of students around you, studying abroad also affords you the opportunity of travelling to the countries around that where you are studying. Thereby allowing you get exposed to new terrains and wonders of the world.
  6. Opportunity to discover hidden talents: travelling abroad and being exposed to new terrain means that you could discover your interests in and/or ability for sports like skiing, snorkeling, golfing etc. It could also help you hone talents like gourmet cooking.
  7. Build lifelong relationships: being exposed to an international student community means that you could foster good and long lasting personal relationships and/or potential networking tools.
  8. Opportunity to see your roots through a new lens: by being in a diverse student community, you get to engage others about their views about your country and/or culture. You also get to observe your country as an external examiner. What these mean is that you get to have a renewed perspective on your roots, appreciating those things you previously didn’t and noting where growth and development is needed.
  9. It is a lifelong experience: studying abroad is an experience you will always remember, one you will always recount and it could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  10. Opportunity to better appreciate friends and family: studying abroad could translate to “ absence makes one’s heart grow fonder” for you. This is based on the fact that, by being abroad you recount the memories with your loved ones, see the insignificancies of those little brawls and you generally get to love and appreciate them more.
  11. Self-discovery: by studying abroad you get to discover your strengths, know your limit, develop your decision making skills, take care of yourself, learn self-reliance and dependence
  12. Enjoy price cuts: choosing to study abroad means that you are eligible for international student discounts and/or the low tuition fees that in the case in some universities. This way you get access to qualitative education while still not going overboard with payments.

Culture and environment in USA and its colleges-

Culture in the USA is widely regarded as ‘Western Culture’ and it involves the language, religion, style, arts and general way of life of USA citizen and residents. Although USA’s culture, which was largely shaped by that of the Native and Latin Americans and early African and Asian immigrants, largely affects that of many other nations, USA still remains one of the most culturally diverse nations as it is home to people from all over the world.

Language: although the USA has no official language, a large portion of the population can speak and understand some level of English Language and most official transactions are carried out in same. The most popular non-English languages are Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

Religion: founded on the basis of freedom of religion for all, there is a multitude of religion being practiced in the USA. The prominent of this is Christianity while a small percentage of the population has no religious ties and another portion are non-Christianity.

Style: even though some items closely associated with Americans include caps, boots, jeans and sneakers, style in America varies by climate, social status, region, occupation and also by cultural or religious inclinations.

Acceptability: despite the fact that more stringent immigration laws are being put in place, one study shows that there is a new immigrant into the USA every 33 seconds. This translates to the fact that USA citizens and residents are quite hospitable and receive visitors well. This is however not to regard the fact that there are certain communities do not co-exist well with those from a particular region or with a particular belief.

What all these mean is that, like obtains in the general community, there are also colleges who have varying culture and social space. As someone studying abroad, specifically in the USA, you are likely to be a minority student. As a minority student, it can be very daunting when you are going to a college where there are frequent protests, controversial federal, state or college policies and/or violence or protests against a community because of their roots, skin color, religious affiliations and/or sexual orientations. These could mean poor emotional health and then low academic performance. In serious situations, it could cause one to withdraw.

That said, you would want to go to a school that supports your academic and professional goals AND your faith/race/sexuality/political points of view.

  1. Exposure to different cultures:

How To Study Abroad Without Consultancy-

As good and important as it is to study abroad, many have found that the process leading up to the resumption could be daunting. As such, many seek the services of study consultants who would help them through this. The catch however, is that these consultants charge prices that are in their tens and sometimes hundreds of dollar. This seemingly high price and the fact that even after such consultations, admission is not guaranteed make many people wary of these. As such, many tend to want to go through the search and admission processes alone in the hopes that they would be successful at these.

To minimize these struggles, to help you get all the benefits attached to studying abroad and to also ensure you are admitted into a university whose policies and student community have no aversions for your sexual, racial, religious and/or political beliefs, use College Intake App

College Intake App

What is it?

College Intake App is an application that helps students gain admission into their dream college in three easy steps of swipe, match and connect.


This app was built with the intent of helping students reduce the stress involved in

  1. searching for suitable colleges
  2. finding their respective pricing, student community and available courses
  • applying for admissions

If you are a student looking to do the aforementioned then go ahead to download the app and use it in your convenience, for your benefit.

How does it work?

To use this application, you only need to follow the easy steps itemized below:

  1. Download this application from your Playstore
  2. After download, launch the app. You will see a page requesting for “ who are you”. On this, click on the student icon
  3. Click on your course of choice
  4. Swipe through the college list to check basic info and make your choice.
  5. After making your choice, the college will then swipe back on your profile, a step known as Match.
  6. This step known as Connect allows you chat with admission officers. You can ask them questions you have and they will answer these.
  7. Then go ahead to pay the application fee.

Getting into college has never been so simple and stress-free.

What else?

College Intake app can also be used by colleges and/or recommenders who have to go through a different process.

With a gross 4.7 out of 5 stars as a result of 21 reviews and owing from the personal testimonies of those who have used College Intake App, you can be sure that this app is everything you wanted it to be and more. With College Intake App, you can make attending your dream college a reality while also  effortlessly carving your future.

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  1. I never knew about such great benefits of studying abroad before. I am truly obliged to you for sharing such valuable content. I want you to share some more.Thanks.

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