A Mobile App Or A Mobile Website Which One Do You Really Need?


If you are a business whose trying to establish a mobile presence to increase your traffic, as well as your revenue, you are probably wondering if you would be better off with a mobile app or a mobile website. And while they are both similar in many ways, they both serve their own individual purposes. Therefore, we need to begin by explaining the differences.

Do You Need A Mobile App Or A Mobile Website?

The short answer is without question, you need both a mobile app and a mobile website, but why? Having a mobile responsive website is crucial because 79 percent of mobile users rely on their smartphones and other mobile devices to help them make purchasing decisions. That means if your website isn’t mobile responsive, your customer won’t be able to view it without having to scroll back and forth, which very few people are willing to do. Most people will click away from a website that is not mobile friendly and move on to one that is.

Another reason it’s important to have a mobile responsive website is because part of Google’s algorithm includes ranking websites based on whether or not they are mobile friendly. Therefore, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you are likely to experience a lower page ranking than you would if your site was mobile ready. As you probably already know, the higher your website ranks, the more organic traffic you will receive without any extra effort on your part.

I Have A Mobile Website Do I Really Need A Mobile App?

Again, the short answer is yes, but why? Mobile apps are becoming the more preferred alternative to using a company’s website. In fact, more than 86 percent of smartphone users say they spend most of their time using mobile apps. That means if your company does not have a mobile app, you are losing approximately 86 percent of your traffic to another company who does. Additionally, companies with a mobile app and a rewards program have an even greater base of loyal users who will continue to buy from them.

Why Do Customers Prefer To Use A Mobile App Versus A Mobile Website?

Most people prefer using a mobile app rather than a mobile website because they are easy to download to their phone where they can be kept at their fingertips without having to remember and access a website every time they want to use a site. People also prefer using mobile apps because they are much faster than using a traditional website to get the information they need due to being accessed via high-speed 4G connectivity. Whereas, trying to look at pictures or watch videos, etc. where the load time is much longer when accessing a website using a mobile device. Additionally, people prefer using mobile apps because the search engines can’t follow a users’ activity inside of an app like they can when people use a website. This gives companies another layer of privacy to offer their customers by providing them with an app for accessing the information they need and engaging with them on a more personal level.

The Bottom Line

Having a mobile responsive website is a given, you need one period! Having a mobile app is optional; however, that option is quickly turning into a necessity with the growing popularity of people using mobile apps more than any other mode of engagement. A mobile app means you will be better able to build relationships with your customers, build your brand and your brand’s reputation, customer loyalty, increase accessibility and you will remove any possibility of your messages getting stuck in a spam folder. There are plenty of great tools on the market for developing a mobile app. And there are plenty of great mobile app developers who will do this for you at a minimal cost when compared to your long-term ROI. If you currently don’t have a mobile app, you really should begin developing one today, if you don’t want to be left behind in this ever evolving digital marketplace.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you build your own branded mobile app for your company?  I would love to read your comments below.

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