7 Best Games like Age of Empires Available for Android, IOS, PC

If you are a big fan of strategic games like Age of Empires, then you would like these games too. We Compiled some of the best games like Age of Empires!!


Age of Empires is one of the best strategy planning game available online for Android, IOS and PC. One can play this game in any of the device they want.

There are many other games available for IOS and android users similar to age of empires. Here in this article, we will share the games similar to age of empires. One can easily check the games given below to download and install in any of your devices.

  • Forge of Empires: Forge of empires is an web-browser game that’s been introduced by innogames from 2014, after its PC Variant company also introduced its Android and iOS variant. Plenty of individuals really like to play these games in which they can establish their own town, civilization, and receive the freebies. There are lots of such games such as this available from the marketplace including Age of Empires, Goodman Empires etc.. There are a few reasons because of that this sport is greatest among all of the matches. One can download Forge of Empires Apk from the playstore itself.

  • Age of Mythology: Similar to the Age of Empires, the formulation of building a military, handling resources and beating the opposing cultures stays the most important focus of this game. The participant must choose and play against among the three cultures: Egyptian, Greek, and Norse. Each culture has its own faith and civilization. The game allows you to choose your important God, dependent on your chosen empire and because you advance to another age, you unlock small Celtics which provide special skills to the gamers.

  • Anno Online: Anno online is totally free to play with browser-based real time strategy game, made by Ubisoft which lets the participant to not just construct their city however manage its economical procedures. The intention of the participant is to construct and enlarge their nation and shield it against opponents if demanded. Aside from creating your country from the bottom up, the game also includes other facets like combat, exploration, diplomacy, and commerce. If you’re a student of economics, then you have an excellent excuse to play with this game prior to finishing your homework… for analysis naturally.

  • Rise of Nations:  Rise of Nations is manufactured by Big Huge Games and comprises 18 civilizations and 8 ages of world history. It’s always ranked and believed to become among the better games of them all while in the real life strategy genre. The vital section of Rise of Nations’ gameplay is concentrated on the theory of”territory”. The region close to the participant settlements is recognized as their own territory, and players may construct various buildings just inside their territory or their friends’.

  • Empire Earth: Like the Age of Empires series, the Empire Age can be actually a history-based real time strategy video game. Crossing over 500,000 decades of world history, the match begins out of a pre historic age and finishes at the nano age. The game requires players to assemble resources to make architecture, populate their civilizations together with taxpayers, and also overcome opposing civilizations. The game also has a thorough map editor for those players to produce their own empires in whatever design they want to. Probably one of the most unique and advanced systems from the overall game may be that the”Morale’ system, which affects human component statistics. Still another brand new theory the video game offers is its own”Hero” system. Heroes might be constructed at town centre or funding. You will find two varieties of heroes, Strategist heroes that treat surrounding components and certainly will demoralize enemy components whereas Warrior heroes provide morale to surrounding components and possess a increased attack capability.

  • Warcraft 3: Warcraft III is really a superior fantasy real-time strategy game made by Blizzard Entertainment. The game delivers a broad narrative effort together with a multiplayer component. The world map of Warcraft III has enormous areas, with exquisite terrains like hills, seas, rivers, along with waterfalls. Players are needed to set settlements as a way to acquire resources that are useful, shield against others, and train components to learn more about the map and then strike A.I enemies. There are 3 chief tools in the overall game: stone, timber, and food which players require as a way to construct buildings and combat components .

  • Empire: Empire is an entirely free to play with, real-time strategy match with amazing multi-player online game elements within it. The name developed by Great Game Studios is put at a medieval age, at which the players slowly build their empire from earth up and turns it into a juggernaut that enemy players could think hard before attacking. The intent is to create castles, commerce with other players, so raise an army and defeat your opponents. Keeping the complete control over your components, establishing a position, thinking up the struggle methods and believing your plans for combat, is the things Empire lays out to reach and succeeds in.

Above we have mentioned the best Alternatives of Age of Empires Game, if you want us to add more games in this list you can leave your comment below and we will surely add those in the comment box.

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