5 Reasons Why Creating a Free Blog is a Very Bad Idea

Creating a blog will force you to learn, yes or yes, because before writing you have to read very much, but does it make sense to create a free blog of a topic that


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Here they have explain in detail why it’s not a good idea to make a blog for free. Let’s begin !!!

1.- Learning “I create the blog to learn something I like”

Creating a blog will force you to learn, yes or yes, because before writing you have to read very much,
but does it make sense to create a free blog of a topic that we do not know about?
The truth is that no, although there are people who tell you things, do not worry, you see writing simple things and such in your blog, that may mean the end of this story called blog.

If you want to make a blog you have to have extensive knowledge and experience in the topics that you are going to talk about and if you do not have them, first get formed to have this knowledge and thus
you will not take false steps with your new blog.

2.- Cost “A professional blog requires a great economic investment”

Really the investment cost of a blog having your own hosting and domain ranges 50 or 60 € per year, it is a totally affordable amount for any pocket, yes, if you do choose a good hosting , do not go to one that
you have seen on TV as 1 and 1 , which probably is not the best option, it will probably cost you more
than your own pet collar.

You must choose a hosting not only for its price and quality of service, but it is a part of your project,
and that you can scale according to your needs. I just completed 3 years with the Raiola Networks
company , and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life, I did it when my blog had 30,000 visits
per month and now I have over 1 million page views per month .

A blog is not an experiment, it is a channel where you communicate and can positively or negatively
affect your personal brand, so if you want to take the step of doing something well done start from the
beginning creating a professional blog.

3.- Positioning “I am still waiting for the miracle and that my free blog becomes a reference in the sector”

I do not think it’s wrong for you to believe in miracles, but believe me, organic positioning is an essential
channel for any blog, and having a tool that has so many limitations at the level of positioning is not
going to make it easy for you.
And of course, a free blog can also be positioned, but what we have to ask ourselves is how much is the
human and economic cost to achieve it?

Think that in the organic search you will compete with thousands of blogs that exist of your same
subject, we could say that it is like a car race, would you go to the race with a car with little gasoline and
with a motor that does not give you the enough speed? Of course not, that’s why you should not choose
to create a free blog and leave aside the organic traffic that is so important.

4.- You work on something that is not yours. Can you imagine if the page with which you have decided

When you start a project you have to always think long term, that is, think about what future guarantees
and stability my project has, but it is certainly something that we do not ask ourselves but you should do
it. Working on something that we have borrowed for a while I think it is a little risky, you risk the
investment of hundreds or thousands of hours because the project will never be yours and you never
know when it will cease to exist.

A simile would be social networks, we know that some are born others are over, but what happens
when we are an influencers in a certain social network and this ceases to exist, we stop being an

5.- Cross out the words flexibility, personalization and versatility of your free blog dictionary

Yes even after reading these tips you are still determined to create a free blog you have to know that
the level of customization and flexibility that you will have will be very reduced or practically nil.
It is evident that free CMS like WordPress have seen a huge possibility of making money offering the
features that you have in the version of wordpress.org but paid, it is clear the business that has been
assembled thanks to which is undoubtedly the best manager and CMS for a blog and its great popularity.
I prefer to have a professional WordPress version for my blog but without limitations or limitations, it is
normal, logical and the best choice.

Mordan Sean:
The author of above content is a professional digital marketing who has assisted many
brands in increasing their ROI. Currently, he is associated with SK Web Designing
Solutions the Best Logo Design Company in the United States.

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