5 Insightful Features To Boost Overall Retail App Sales


It wasn’t long ago when you upgraded features and technologies of your e-commerce site and you didn’t look back to your site for a year. If you did so then let me tell you, this approach won’t work any longer. The Retail industry is expected to grow at quite a faster rate. Of course, user expectations are also growing at equal speed. Mobile applications are the foremost choice to conduct online shopping. In the retail industry, sales conversion is the ultimate goal and to achieve that goal, mobile apps can help retailers to do that. when we talk about retail app then Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues are the leading brands that we recall.

Whenever you go with e-commerce app development aka. retail mobile apps, remember that it’s not an extension of your website to reap more profits. It is a place where consumers can find their products easily and promptly. So, it’s quite essential for developers to know that mobile apps are not just to create that “wow” effect. They need to leverage some tangible benefits to attract consumers and thereby increase sales.

For increasing sales and conversion, you need to develop app having alluring UI and planned UX strategy. So, here are some checklist exhibited by app developers from India that help you to boost retail sales ratio.

1. Design That Fits Multiple Device:

You might have heard about responsive design aka an app should behave responsive couple of times. Knowledge of the mobile layout is quite important in developing a website. Well, designs can be in two manners 1. Fixed 2. Fluid

Fixed deign has a layout that does not adjust appropriately in all devices. The application that performs well in android may not perform well in iphone. Fonts that appear good on one screen may seem to be clumsy in another dimension. Such type of issues proves to be a great obstacle in user interaction with the app. Remember, what looks good sells higher and so, you cannot rely on the fixed design of the application.

On contrary, fluid app design allows every element to follow screen size percentage criteria. What it means is that elements adjust themselves as per screen size. It helps to maintain app aesthetics across multiple devices having different size and resolution.

2. Add Up Filtering And Sorting Feature:

Filter and sort are the best features of any user-friendly application. They are considered as the most favorite options for consumers as their first action would be to narrow down product findings as per their criteria and categories. These features are generally found in online shopping sites to maximize purchasing. One of the best option to augment user experience and to boost sales revenue.

Some practices you can consider are :

  1. Allow category-specific features.
  2. Allow option for multiple features.
  3. You can make use of theme-based filters
  4. Sort products as per price criteria.

3. Mobilize Search Site:

Visitors to mobile retail sites are generally interested in “hunting” for some information rather than “browsing,” the application and the search box is the ultimate key to that experience. As you augment your M-commerce strategy, understand that “Site search” is like a jewel of your mobile site- So, leverage simple, fast and at the same time relevant results.

4. Focus On The Design Of Product Description Page :

Product description page exhibits sellable item details. These details include product prize, size, image, zoom in and zoom out, 360-degree view along with cross selling and upselling options. Cross-selling is like supporting factor that can help you to boost sales. Example: Showing Fancy t-shirt or top along with denim jeans is good selling strategy. While cross selling is supporting factor to generate revenue, upselling is an attractive factor to entice visitors for better shopping. Upselling is to exhibit better brands options than the selected products on the page. Product pages that hold more visual information are expected to perform better.

Another important strategy is to include remarkable CTAs to boost sales. Your customers’ final decision that closes sales door happens here and so, you need to strategize wisely while you design your product description page.

5. Integrating Payment Gateway:

Today is the era of plastic money and online banking. Online payments are the most preferred options over COD. However, sharing of credit card information with any business or enterprise is like inviting risk to your confidential information. So, to ensure users trust to shop freely, you can integrate trusted payment gateways like paytm, stripe etc. By integrating payment wallet, you can redirect users straightway to payment gateway by eliminating “add to cart” option. This will eliminate risk of users security concerns on larger scale.

When an online business is augmenting each day the significance of retail apps is increasing and so, more attention needs to be given on each aspect. Also, being unique can be the best aspect that adds more value to your company. Stay tuned for more updates!

Author Bio. :- Priya  is the technical content writer of Hopinfirst that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology and having a great experience in e learning app, e commerce app, pharmacy app and restaurant app development.

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